P2PB2B exchange has launched PACT token

New utility token for P2PB2B exchange

We wrote an article that Binance Coin had gained over 300% last month, about a day ago. Today we will present you with an opportunity for a new Utility token called PACT. P2PB2B is an exchange that was founded back in 2018. That is a common year for Crypto Exchanges to have launched due to the heave increase of demand for crypto. They have been a very successful exchange and served millions of customers over the world. Now they decided to take one step further by launching their own token called PACT. Now they are in the distribution phase and are handing out 100 PACT to all new sign-ups. There are no other requirements than just to sign-up and claim 100 PACT tokens.

When you have finished your account, you will find some extra tasks that you can do to earn more PACT. Most of the tasks include using their platform, like trading different pairs or for a certain amount, so there are some great ways to accumulate more PACT tokens before the distribution ends.

Stake your PACT tokens

Once they release the PACT tokens into your wallet after the distribution phase is over, you will be able to stake your PACT tokens for a great yearly return. The return will initially only be in PACT tokens, but we might see something like a Launchpool coming. Depending on the amount you are staking, there is a 15-40% yield per year.

Sign-up now on P2PB2B to claim you 100 free PACT