Most exciting crypto news to follow in 2021

What crytpocurrencies to keep an eye on in 2021

As 2020 comes to an end with Bitcoin reaching an all-time high, ETH2 launched in December, and the Spark Token airdrop, we have many exciting things to keep an eye on in 2021. The global crypto market cap is $645B as we write this article. We started the year at around $190B. In January of 2018, we had the highest global market cap marked in the crypto market history. It topped at around $810B and has declined ever since until October of this year. The interesting part here is the global market cap excluding bitcoin back in 2018 topped at $546B and currently we are only at $222B market cap excluding bitcoin.

The altcoin season could begin in early 2021.

So with all the talk about the market caps, now to the actual things to keep an eye on. You might have heard the word altcoin season. This is when a high amount of altcoins is gaining a significant gain over a short period of time. In 2018, we saw cryptos like VeChain, Chainlink, RippleLitecoin, and Ethereum gain a lot over a minimal period of time. It was now close to 3 years since we saw the last altcoin season. Now many people are talking about the next altcoin season, maybe starting as soon as in December. I would say that it is more likely to start at the beginning of 2021.

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The Spark Token is a new native token of the Flare Network that is connected to the XRP community. In December, the Flare Team took a snapshot of all the XRP wallets on major exchanges, and wallets made Ripple gain close to 200% in USD. We don’t know too much about the spark token and how it will influence Ripple, but it is said to be bringing DeFi into the XRP ecosystem which will be huge if they could succeed, so it is definitely something to keep an eye on in 2021. The airdrop of the Spark Token is said to be between March and May 2021.

ETH2 brining proof-of-stake to Ethereum

Many have been waiting for the ETH2 upgraded to be released, which they were on December 1, 2020. The main thing that came with this upgrade is the proof-of-stake concept. This will be a new way for the ecosystem to help increase security. It will involve people staking their Ethereum to active validator software. In the process of staking your ETH, you will be earning ETH in return. Before they introduced the proof-of-stake concept, they were relying on the validation of mining. Staking is much easier, and they hope to make the ecosystem more secure over time as more people participate in the network.

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