LiteBringer – Idle game built on Litecoin​

LiteBringer is the first decentralized idle game built on the Litecoin blockchain. Back in September of 2020, the game was first released by the company CipSoft. CipSoft is famous for its successful game Tibia. As the game runs on the Litecoin blockchain, all the transactions made will be registered on the blockchain making all the assets 100% yours. So to the important question, can I make some LTC playing LiteBringer, and is the game enjoyable? There is only one way to find out – to try the game. Below you can read our full review of the game and if it is possible actually to make some real crypto.

Get started with LiteBringer

So first, to get started, you will have to download the game and create an account. Head over to to download the client for Windows (currently only supported on Windows). When you have downloaded and installed the client, open it up, and you will be prompted to go through an account creation wizard.

Can you make money?

When we first started out playing LiteBringer, it was fun to try it out. Then the question quickly hit me, could I make some LTC meanwhile playing as promised? After around 20 hours of play, I got my first training scroll. This was sold for 1,6 lites and the monthly subscription is 2 lites, so just after 20 hours, I have made back more than 75% of my initial investment. It could have been luck to loot it that quick but you will definitely be able to play the game and make some money.

As we progress in the game we will update this article, meanwhile, you can follow the progress on the blockchain. There you can track our balance to see if we are still doing well.