How to buy JulSwap (JULD) token

JulSwap the new Uniswap on Binance Smart Chain

JulSwap has been a hot topic lately, and it has all right to be so. If you were part of the crypto community back when Uniswap launched, you remember the hype. Uniswap was a game-changer for the Ethereum chain. It provided the ability for pretty much every ERC-20 token to be traded if it had liquidity behind it. The same goes for JulSwap, but it’s built for the Binance Smart Chain. With Uniswap as a reference, it would not surprise if JulSwap and JULD will have a similar future ahead.

Buy JulSwap (JULD) on HotBit with Ethereum

If you want to buy JULD with Ethereum HotBit would be your best exchange to do so. HotBit has a good volume of JULD and is a verified exchange by us at Seventeen Crypto. The thing to take into account is that the only pair you will find on HotBit is the JULD/ETH pair. If you are looking to buy it with USDT we suggest that you use instead.

Buy JULD on with USDT

People like to buy crypto with USDT since you can convert the price directly to USD. If you are one of those people you can use to buy JULD, if you use our sign-up link you will have a lower transaction fee then normal. MXC is a famous cryptocurrency provider with many pairs to trade.