Earn interest on your crypto with YouHodler

Why YouHodler and what could I expect?

There is a jungle when you are looking for a platform that earns you interest in your cryptocurrencies. With increasing popularity in crypto, more platforms will come to life. Something to keep in mind is that not all of them will provide the quality you ask for. With YouHodler, you can rest assured that your money is in good hands. They started back in 2017 when the crypto market was just getting into the mainstream and have served thousands of customers since. The interest rate is different for the different currencies, you will find everything from 2.5%-12%, with the stablecoins as the highest yielding. Bitcoin is at 4.8%, Ethereum at 5.5%, and Ripple at 4.5% as of December 2020. To be able to check the full list of coins and the interest rates visit YouHodler Earn Crypto.

Sign-up on YouHodler and start earning interest today!

Sign-up and start earning interest

It is a straightforward process to start earning interest on your crypto on YouHodler. First, you have to create an account on YouHodler. When you have created your account and verified your email, you will have to proceed with the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This includes you sending in pictures of your passport and a selfie to prove that you are legit. Once you have been verified, you can deposit the crypto of your choice. You will start to earn interest right away. There are weekly payouts every Friday. If you withdraw the crypto before the payout, you will not receive that week’s interest.

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Mobile app to track your earnings

YouHodler offers a sophisticated mobile application where you can track your earnings. Their app is well functioning and offers close to all the functionality that you find on the website. You can download their application for iOS as well as Google Play store for the android users. Make sure to always keep the app up to date. It is good when you store some value there to make sure to get the latest security updates.