Bridge assets to Fantom Chain quick and easy

Fantom Chain has been a hot topic as of late. We have seen an increase in liquidity, users, and developers over the last month going to Fantom. Last month, they announced an incentive program for developers, a pool of 370M FTM that will get handed out over the coming months. The announcement caused a massive rush on the market, making Fantom reach a new all-time high in August, peaking close to $1.

SpookySwap Bridge

SpookySwap is one of the biggest exchanges on Fantom that also provides a bridge from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Fantom. With a large number of assets, you will find something that suits you. When you use the Spooky Bridge, you get some FTM to use the newly bridged token. You need FTM to be able to pay for transactions. Visit SpookySwap

AnySwap Bridge

AnySwap is a more familiar name for people that been bridging tokens before. AnySwap focuses on bridging assets between multiple chains, including Fantom. AnySwap powers SpookySwap bridge, SpookySwaps UI is more pleasing for new users than AnySwap. If you choose to use this bridge, you will also get some free FTM for your first transactions. Visit AnySwap

How the Bridging works

Bridging assets sounds more complicated than it is. What you do is choose an asset to bridge from a chain. For example, let’s say we select Chain Ethereum, and we bridge 1 Ether. First, you have to decide on the site you want to use, and then you enter the chain and amount you choose. Once you verify the transaction, the bridge will release that amount on your wallet but the destinated chain.