BITCORN The new Loyalty System with real value

BITCORN Revolutionizing Loyalty Systems

Bitcorn (CORN) is a cryptocurrency focusing on bringing real value into a loyalty system, connecting the world with a new currency type. The idea of making a new currency is, of course, not new and neither unique. So what makes CORN special? Without having some significant adoption yet, they already have close to 200,000 active wallets accepting the currency. This in itself is a huge achievement. It shows that it is easy to set-up a wallet-address and claim your first CORN. You can sign-up yourself for their web wallet and you will get a corn-address right away. Just head over to and press sign-up. Then just enter your email and password to finish the registration. Now you can log in to your account and you will find your wallet-address in the dashboard. If you want you can now connect your social media accounts to your BITCORN account and gain tips from other corn members. The dashboard is your “home” for the CORN, but you can spend and receive on all the platforms you integrated with.

Where to buy CORN?

If you want to buy some CORN from an exchange, it is currently listed on ProBit, but there are some rumors that they might be looking into some more deals. On ProBit, you will find it if you search for the CORN/BTC pair. You could also try to join the community-discord and check out the channel #auticon-house. Sometimes people sell corn there for FIAT and other currencies.

Promotion video to learn more about Bitcorn