Xfinance Airdrop

Xfinance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, which aims to build an aggregate liquidity pool, a leveraged trading platform, automatic market making, and other functional platforms.

The goal of Xfinance is simple-the Jurong Finance platform that supports multiple DeFi agreements will automatically move positions between agreements to help depositors get the highest financial income. The benefits of the Xfinance platform are:

$6 + $2~/ref

Step by step guide

  1. Chat with their Telegram Bot
  2. Join their telegram group
  3. Follow them on Twitter, retweet pinned tweet
  4. Create an account at NowEx
  5. Submit everything to their telegram bot
  6. You will receive 20 XFI Tokens ($6)
  7. You can get 5 XFI tokens more for each referral
  8. Tokens will ge paid out on August the 30th